At Alba, we want to produce the best trees of any tree nursery by focusing on quality, so all our plants are cell-grown and UK grown.  You need not worry about imported plants cross-contaminating home-grown stock on our nursery.

Our ethos of quality is reflected from years of Research and Development, through plant production and onto Customer Service and Delivery.  It is all the details which make the difference, from getting the very best seed to having a dedicated nursery team to look after our growing stock.

Our cell-grown trees have several advantages over lower-quality bare rooted trees.  Most of these benefits are due to how we treat the roots; cell grown trees are grown in containers so that the root system is kept complete, but bare rooted trees are grown in the ground so need their roots severed during the ‘lifting’ process. Not only do bare root trees have a large proportion of their root mass left at the nursery, the roots have been damaged just before they are sent to site.  You should consider using cell-grown trees if you are interested in getting any of these benefits:

Lowering the Risk